This ancient stone of nearly 2 billion years of age is today being seen as the premier new age stone.  The best label that can be attached here is “The Miracle Stone.“  The only source of this mineral is from the Russian part of Karelia. In 1879 it was described as a shungite-3mineraloid with 98 percent carbon, different to the other carbon (diamond) as it has additional atoms in its make up. This new age Shungite, the purifier, has the ability to heal and promote growth within all living organisms. It is the only known natural material that contains fullerenes, which are powerful antioxidants.  When placed in water it will infuse it with potent healing vibrations. This infusion is a simple process and materials are available at all times.  It has proved to purify tap water (30 times more effectively than activated carbon purifiers) of almost all organic compounds, free radicals, heavy metals,  insecticides, bacteria and harmful-organisms. This may have profound effects on cleaning the body and clearing the mind.

Hear this – the energy embodied in this ancient stone is said to absorb and eliminate anything that is harmful and hazardous to human life.  It has amazing healing powers. Shungite has been brought to the attention by a great divine spirit.  The author of the new book  “Shungite” by Regina Martino stated, “This is not a passing fancy. It’s true that Shungite has come upon us with a force and speed of a lightning bolt, “ but the history of its relation with mankind has endured for hundreds of years. To date in the many facilities around the world doing research, the results are proving that this mineral may assist every person on earth to live a healthier life.

It is also an excellent stone for magical and mystical works, used to bring light into the auric energy field allowing positive energy to manifest. Infusing Shungite into water and consuming this may have profound effects in removing many forms of toxins from the body.  The process is very simple and the materials are available at all times.

In December 2013 a report in an International Journal of Advanced Scientific and Technical research stated that Shungite has the ability to screen off electromagnetic and radio radiations and is now being used in various branches of Science, Industry and technology, also opening the way to a variety of new nanotechnology materials.

Many studies on using Shungite have demonstrated its effectiveness and ability in stimulating system defenses and reactivating healing processes. In its natural state or in whatever form it may be, this mineral displays no negative effect whatever. It is therefore ideal for usage without precise therapeutic control. However, as with any solution linked to well-being, the use of Shungite never replaces the advice of a medical doctor when faced with any specific pathology.


Crystal healing is a non-invasive therapy which is and can be used in conjunction with a number of other therapies and orthodox medicine. Note, this is not meant to replace medical treatment.

Crystals are formed in the top layer of the earth’s surface. There are three processes that take place, lifting the crystals to the earths surface – ingenious, sedimentary processes and changes in the earth. The effect of the crystal is connected to the creation of its inner formation. The formation of the crystal is a very slow process, crystallizing cell after cell in a defined structure, accurate and clear. This formation requires large amounts of energy that the crystal accumulates. This is the origin of energy in the crystal.

IMG_3130Crystals have been used throughout history by the Israelites, Mayans, Native Americans, Aztecs, Egyptians, Romans, peoples of ancient India, the east and in Celtic Britain. These cultures recognized the healing properties of crystals and their beneficial effects on the energies of the body.

As we are made of energy, crystals are an energy which can uplift, heal, protect, receive and transmit a loving vibration within the body. When the body is unwell or dis-eased, is it usually because the person has lost his or her balance or natural rhythm.

The crystal’s perfect atomic structure sends out a resonance of perfection, a pattern for the body to align with. In the formation of crystalline structures, the minute particles of which all matter is comprised come together in perfect unity and harmony to vibrate at extremely precise frequencies. It is this precision in quartz that has proved to be so invaluable in the production of modern day technologies such as computer chips, sasers, timekeepers and Ultra- sound devices.

Crystals are also capable of absorbing, magnifying and transmitting light – the highest form of energy known to the physical universe. By attuning to and channeling Divine healing energy using crystals as our tools, a wonderful healing vibration is achieved. Whenever we work co-creatively with crystals, we must treat them with love and respect, choosing, cleansing, blessing and programming them with care.

Crystals often find the person they need to be with. When choosing crystals, let the mind become quiet.  Holding your intention in mind, choose the one that appeals most strongly. The crystals must then be cleansed and programmed. Individuals have attempted to use crystals for de-constructive purposes, but whatever energy is sent out always eventually returns to the sender.

There are many methods of cleansing.  Perhaps the easiest way is to hold the crystal under running water and visualize any negativity being washed away, transmuted into light.  Another is to soak your crystal overnight in a bowl of water with a teaspoon of sea salt added.  Sea salt absorbs negative energy and renews your crystal.  You may notice that a milky-looking crystal will become clearer after it is soaked overnight.  Next, get to know your crystal. Carry it around close to you so you can begin to tune to each other’s energy.

To program a crystal, first ground yourself by sending love down throughout your body and deep into the earth. Feel that love returned. Now hold the Crystal close to your heart and send love out to the highest level of spirit and visualize the healing power of the universe through the crown of your head and flowing down into your heart. Feel the power and love flow out to the crystal. You are now ready to begin working together.

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