Healing Properties


Name of Stone Used on or Used For
Agate Eyes, Sickness, Stress
Amethyst Insomnia, Headaches, Mental Disorders
Amber Goiter, Throat Disease, Kidneys & Bladder
Amazonite Nervous system, tooth decay, Osteoporosis, Muscle Spasms
Ammonite Lungs, Limbs, Degenerative diseases
Apatite Glands, Meridiaris, Organs
Aquamarine Glands, Eyes, Teeth, Bones
Aventurine Lungs, Heart, Adrenal Glands
Azurite Bones, Circulation, Toxins
Bloodstone Blood, Kidneys, Bladder, Intestine, Leukemia
Caprolite Skeletal, Liver, Jaundice
Calcite Kidney, Pancreas, Spleen, Calcium Supplements
Carnelian Obesity, Hormone Imbalance
Celesite Eyes, Ears, Toxins
Chlorite Growths, Skin, Liver spots, Digestive System, Works as an Anesthetic
Chrysocolia Pancreas, Insulin, Blood sugar, Thyriod, Leukemia, TB, Asthma, Emphysema, Cellular Disorders
Citrine Digestive system, Circulation, Growths
Cometite Feet, Legs, Nervous system
Diamond Sight, Metabolism, Spine, Heart
Dioptase Physical pain, Increase Tcells in AIDS Patients, Menier’s syndrome
Emerald Spine, Lungs, Heart, Muscle, Memory, Epilepsy
Feldspar Skin, Muscles
Flourite Headaches, Flu, Herpes, Ulcers, Ears, Throat, Nose, For flawless health
Garnet Regenerative force, Repairs DNA/RNA, Skin Diseases, Heart, Lung, Cancer
Gold Multiple Sclerosis, Nervous system, Arthritis, Skin cancer, Heart diseases, Paralysis, TB, Spinal problems.
Gypsum Bones, Skin, Tissue, Fertility
Hematite Anemia, Bone fractures, Blood disorders
Herkimer Diamond Toxins, Metabolism, DNA/RNA repairs
Iolite Liver, Toxins, Malaria, Alcohol tolerance
Jade Heart, Hips, Kidneys, Spleen, Healthy hair, Skin diseases
Jasper Internal organs, Nerves
Kunzite Heart, Muscles, Circulation, repairs DNA/RNA, Deflects Microwaves
Kynite Urogenital system, Glands, Brain
Labradorite Brain, Mental acuity, Stress
Lapis Lazuli Throat, Bone marrow, Insomnia, Ears
Lepidolite Stress, Wrinkles, Tight muscles, Nerves
Magnesite Purification of cells, Lessons PMS, Fevers
Malachite Physical pain, Asthma, Arthritis, Swollen joints, Tumors, Broken bones, Muscles, Toothache, Enhances Immune system, Birthing, Menstrual cycles
Mica Skin problems, give you healthy hair
Moonstone Child birth, PMS, Odema, Stings, Fevers
Obsidian Toxins, Skin disorders, Enhances night vision
Opal Purify blood, Kidneys, Regulates insulin, Fever, Circulation, Parkinsons disease
Orthoclase Spinal structure, Teeth, TB, Lungs
Peridot Heart, Lungs, Spleen, Intestines, Ulcers, Birthing
Petrified Wood Soothes Skin, Adds luster to hair, Hearing
Prehnite Kidneys, Bladder, Connective tissues, Anemia
Pyrite Bones, Cell formation, Bronchitis, Lungs, Fever, Digestion, Oxygenates the blood
Quartz Skin, Toxins, Kidneys, Bladder, General healing, Immune system
Rhodonite Acid levels, Iron balances, Breathing, Blood disorders
Rose Quartz Cell impurities, Kidneys, Lungs, Burns, Rays from computers
Ruby Fever, Heart, Toxins Counteracts caffeine
Rutile Blood vessels, Wounds
Salrose Cellular disorders, Cancer
Sapphire Blood diseases, Cellular disorders
Septerye Thymus, Atrophy, Skeletal system
Serpentine Diabetes, Hypoglycemia
Silver Toxins, Hepatitis, Eyes
Smokey Quartz Hands, Feet
Sodalite Gland metabolism, Digestive system, Insomnia, Rays from computers and cell phones
Sugilite Headaches, Physical pain
Tiger Eye Eyes, Reproductive system, Night vision, Colon, Broken bones, Digestive system
Topaz Skin eruptions, Wounds, Used for white magic healing, Varicose veins, Hemorrhoids
Tourmaline Heart, Lungs, Internal Organs
Turquoise Muscle tissue, Regeneration, Stress, Headaches
Unakite Cancer, Weight imbalances, Reproductive system
Verdite Cleans blood, Toxins, Genital disorders
Zircon Sciatica, Nerves, Bones, Against poisoning

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